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Simplifying Finances in Harmony with Your Life


Susan S. Butler, CFP
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Susan S. Butler, CFP®

Susan S. Butler, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner™, Financial Life Planning

(541) 639-3164

What brings you joy? I’ve asked myself this question a lot over the years as I’ve developed Financial Harmony. Harmony and Joy go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to money. When we are being authentic and true to ourselves, even if it is different from how others do things, we find harmony within, our experience is joy.

 But have you ever stopped yourself from following your passions because someone planted a seed of doubt, and suggested you get back inside the box? However well-intentioned people may be, they don’t know what brings you joy.

 I’m Susan Butler, and I spent years in financial services selling products and providing financial advice, and being more engaged in the results than I was my client’s real needs and desires. Because that is where the industry teaches us to focus. And when I realized that what I really cared about was helping clients seek harmony – in the relationships with those close to them, their relationship with money and finances, and most important, their relationship to being themselves, I knew I had to make a change. Joy for me is your financial harmony, which is always about more than money.

 Some of the closest relationships to me have been adversely affected by what seemed like money issues on the surface, but actually went much deeper. Money was just the excuse. My oldest brother and I had practically cut off our relationship completely over my becoming the Executor and Power of Attorney on our mother’s estate. He didn’t have control of everything and felt he should, being the oldest. But my mother had chosen me. A lot of in-fighting and accusations occurred after this decision was made. It was terribly upsetting, caught me unexpectedly and disrupted my life. I was hurt and didn’t understand where it was coming from, and it was getting in the way of my dreams.

I realized that these issues were not about me, or about money. My brother was triggered by not being in control, and all I could do was find compassion within me, and give him space to approach me without anger, and hope that he could feel the harmony that I feel in my life around what I am doing. Letting go of this attachment to his issues helped me once again feel the pleasure in helping our mother.

This is one example of how money affects relationships, and I've seen many. When I decided how I wanted to live - I love travel and exploration - and stopped hiding it or worrying about the timing, I was able to get my husband and I on the same page about the money and making sure we enjoy life now and not wait until the “perfect” time. We've since been to Europe a few times, the Caribbean, Mexico and several cruises.

I love watching women take back their power and harmony in their money and relationships in just the same way!

As a Certified Financial Planner™ with 30 years of experience in various aspects of the financial industry, 13 years specifically in Financial Planning Services and over 50 years of practice seeking harmony in my life beginning with music from an early age, I devote my practice to helping others find simplicity and harmony in their relationships and especially those involving money.

 My holistic planning practice involves looking at all aspects of life, lifestyle, and finances, with a special interest in behavioral finance. I get past the technical side of investing and focus more holistically on goals, retirement, transitions, legacy and lifestyle desired by achieving financial goals. I find all of this to be especially important to women and devote much of my practice to coaching women in these areas, especially single, divorced or widowed women helping them through the difficult transitions. In addition, I help couples to understand and appreciate their differing approaches and attitudes about money, finance and retirement life planning. My holistic approach to coaching integrates life planning with all areas of financial planning, including retirement, taxes, investments, insurance, philanthropy, estate and legacy planning.

 So how can I help bring you Joy? Help break negative attachments to money and allow it to work harmoniously with your passions, big ideas and pleasures?

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